Free Fur All Schedule 2022

Event List 2022

This is a list of events planned for Free Fur All 2022 so far. Expect more to be added. The final schedule will be posted later, usually about a month before the event.
All information below is subject to change. Be sure to visit this page for the latest information, and for any schedule changes before or possibly even during Free Fur All.
Last Updated May 10, 2022. Expect more to be added as planning continues.

General Events

The following are all included with basic registration.
  • 2 Gryphon's big comedy show
  • Game Room Tournaments
  • Nerf Battle
  • Improv comedy show starring 2 Gryphon and Drucifur
  • Disney Karaoke
  • Opening / Closing Ceremonies
  • Sketching Better with Swordplay Panel
  • Fursuit Parade and Group Photo
  • Travel Horror Stories Panel
  • Overcoming Addiction Panel hosted by 2 Gryphon
  • Free Fur All Furiety Show!
  • Bitcoin Furs Panel
  • Jackbox Games with Free Fur All Staff
  • Nightly Dance / Rave
  • Safari's Sanctuary Charity Panel
  • Charity Auction benefitting Safari's Sanctuary
  • Charity Drag Show benefitting Safari's Sanctuary
  • Snake Appreciation Panel hosted by 2 Gryphon, PeaceWolf, and Safari's Sanctuary
  • Lion King Trivia Panel
  • Werewolf
  • Inflatables Squeak and Tell Panel
  • Aviation Furs Panel
  • Canceling Cancel Culture Panel
  • Pepperidge Furs Remembers - Furry History 101 with 2 Gryphon 
  • No More Politics Panel
  • BALL PIT - by popular demand!

Guest of Honour VIP Pass Events

The following are all included ONLY with the Guest of Honour VIP Pass:
  • Story Time with 2 Gryphon and Free Fur All Staff
  • Guest of Honour Dinner with 2 Gryphon

Extra Fluff Events

To attend the following events, you MUST have purchased "Extra Fluff" with your registration.
  • Live Gaming Session with 2 Gryphon
Is there an event you really want to see happen? Consider helping out by joining our event staff as part of AWOO, or by hosting a panel.