The AWOO Association is Proud to Present

A Different Kind of Convention


Free Fur All 2023

America's Anthro Convention

July 28-30

Tulsa, Oklahoma


The Sky is Calling!

Attention, pilots! 

You have just done a very brave thing. Last year we gathered the best of the best. But we're only getting started! A new wave of pilots is coming in 2023, and we need you to lead the way. We're calling you back!

We're building a team, and everyone is invited. It's a big, dangerous sky up there, so grab a wingman, and don't leave them! This year Free Fur All celebrates leadership, dedication, comradery, and the remarkable US Navy pilots.

Pre-Registration Pricing

2022 Registration

  • Basic registration required for entry to Free Fur All.
  • Special VETERAN badge for any 2022 attendee who registers for 2023 within 24 hours.
  • +Free Fur All 2022 Badge
  • +Access to all non-premium events.
  • We want Free Fur All to be affordable to anyone. Please consider buying some add-ons to help us cover expenses.
  • Available at-the-door for $65

Extra Fluff!

  • Our premium add-on for our dedicated attendees! Get swag and extra perks.
  • +Premium Event Admission: Game Time with Staff
  • +Free Fur All Lanyard
  • +Free Fur All 2023 11x17in Poster
  • +Free Fur All 2023 T-Shirt
  • +Free Fur All 2'' Acrylic Keychain
  • +3D Printed 2023 Collector's Badge
  • Available during pre-registration ONLY

Guest of Honour VIP Pass

  • Get more exclusive access to our honoured guests Jasonafex and Kabs at these special events, and enjoy a superb catered meal.
  • + Free Fur All Mascot (Lion) Plushie
  • +Premium Event Admission: Doodling & Gartic Phone Game with Kabs & Jason
  • +Premium Event Admission: Content Creation Masterclass with 2 Gryphon
  • +Premium Event Admission: Guest of Honour Dinner
  • *Special catered dinner for this event is INCLUDED with this add-on.
  • Available during pre-registration ONLY


  • - LIMIT 15 -
  • You are the best of the best. Our biggest supporters, the ones that really keep us and our charity running so we can put this event on for everyone! We want to recognize and thank you with:
  • +A private party with Kabs, Jason, and 2 Gryphon, with free drinks provided
  • +Collector's Drink Glass
  • +Custom Engraved Metal Dog Tag
  • +A 4x6'' Personalized Award
  • +Themed 3'' Fabric Patch
  • Available during pre-registration ONLY
Please note, each add-on is priced separately and may be purchased independently of any other. They are not tiered registrations.

Last day to pre-register is

June 02, 2023

At-the-door registration will be available with limited options and an increased price.

What is an
Anthro Convention?

A celebration of all things furry! An anthro convention is a popular culture convention, except instead of being themed around comics or Anime, anthro conventions are themed around animals. Do you enjoy mascots or cartoon animals? Then this is where you belong! An anthro convention is an occasion for anthro enthusiasts across the country to meet for a celebration of anthro arts, culture, entertainment and community. Expect vending, games, dancing, and many new friends to meet.

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Don't Get Stuck Without a Place to Stay!

Always plan your sleep stops before departing on a road trip! That includes your final destination.
This is a multi-day event, and your experience won't be complete without a room near the convention venue. Be sure to book one after registering!
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