First, something you should know...

This isn't the cool kids' table.

We believe the furry fandom is supposed to be one of the most loving and accepting communities in the world, and we plan to lead by example. The AWOO Association is open to any friends who love our furry community but cannot abide by harassment, intimidation, lies, and ostracization of other community members over petty differences between us. 

However, in an age when the popular thing to do is to bully and 'cancel' others, this sometimes makes us unpopular. Please consider that being a part of this organization may bring some social stigma. All associates will be expected to show each other respect and kindness to each other and to the Association, regardless of any social pressures to do otherwise. If this pressure to do the popular thing is too much, the AWOO Association may not be for you.

If you understand this and still wish to be a part of the AWOO Association, please continue.